Dustin Long

Contributing Writer

Dustin is a dedicated writer who studies difficult topics in depth. It shows that he knows a lot about many things and can analyze complicated issues well. What Dustin's published before is private. But his many writings show he's very good at analyzing things and explaining them clearly and skillfully. These are qualities that are highly valued in academic communities. Dustin is very careful to make sure his writing is clear and gets people talking about the topics he writes about. One thing Dustin is good at is taking complicated ideas and presenting them in a way that is clear and makes people think. His skill at researching allows him to guide readers through different fields, connecting different ideas and information into stories that make sense. Dustin is talented at making tricky things understandable without losing the important details. He's great at explaining difficult topics in an interesting way that creates meaningful conversations.


Health, Fitness, Academic, Content Marketing


  • Bachelors in English, Columbia University Masters in Technical Communication, Carnegie Mellon University

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